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  • Messel biodiversity

    R code for data analysis, input/output tables for species richness analyses
  • Fossil association

    The dataset comprises the following: a video showing picking fossils in concentrate; a table of specimen sizes in the Medicine Pole Hills locality; explanation of morphometry...
  • Macroecology of Parietal Eye

    Evolution of the squamate parietal organ in relation to latitude: a macroecological study
  • Evolutionary coexistence approach

    Data S1–S9: Nexus files containing character-taxon matrices and MrBayes scripts; R script for Bayesian paleoclimate estimation via evolutionary coexistence approach; summaries...
  • Messel bat taphonomy

    Bat drowning survey structure and survey responses, Temperature data for modern tropical lakes, supplementary R code, and data analysis supporting the following study: "Was...
  • Messel-Bridger comparison

    Supplementary R code and data analysis for body mass, supplementary R code and data analysis for niche occupation, supplementary dynamic / interactive figures (heatmaps and...