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This dataset contains a selection of 100 herbarium scans (low-resolution) from the Herbarium Haussknecht, provided by Senckenberg Institute for Plant Form and Function (SIP), Jena. The images have been processed with the machine learning tool (convolutional neural network) for plant organ detection by Younis et al. 2020, see The dataset consists of two files according to the RO-Crate specification (

  • A full RO-Crate which contains both the detected plant organ annotations in a machine-readable form as part of the ro-crate-metadata.json and low-res images of the herbarium scans themselves where the detected bounding boxes are visualized
  • annotations-highres.json: A pure RO-Crate metadata JSON-LD file which contains the detected annotations in reference to the original, high-resolution scans (which are referenced via their web URL)

The annotations consist of the following 6 different classes (mapped to terms from controlled vocabulary):

  1. leaf ->
  2. flower ->
  3. fruit ->
  4. seed ->
  5. stem ->
  6. root ->

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Dataset DOI: doi:10.12761/w2c1-x551

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